E-Travel System

An E-Travel application must be completed by all teams attending an out of state event or a non-USYS sanctioned event.
Continue an application:

You will need to complete a Notification to Travel form anytime your team intends to play outside the state of North Carolina in a USYS sanctioned event. This includes tournaments, scrimmages, friendlies, or league play in another state.

Please read these instructions before beginning the process!

This form is NOT to be used if the tournament  is NOT a USYS sanctioned tournament.  It is the responsibilty of the person completing NTT to confirm whether the tournament is USYS sanctioned!  If the incorrect form is completed, a new NTT must be completed and there is NO refund for incorrect notification.

Please be sure to have the hosting club's information available before filling out the Notification to Travel form. The Permission to Host form can be found by:

  1. Searching the state association's website - look for Sanctioned tournament list and clicking on Permission to Host
  2. The tournament website - look under Documents or Team check-in for Permission to Host.

The fee for a NTT Request is $10, but if the request is received 7 days prior to the first day of the tournament, the fee is $50. Please note that fees are calculated based upon when payment is made online or check is received at the NCYSA state Office.

If you are taking Guest Players outside of your association to your event, you may also complete the Guest Player roster here. As in the past, the Guest Player Roster must be signed by both coaches, red stamped by the releasing registrar, and submitted to the State office. It will not be returned. Your association registrar can help you with this process.

Questions?  Please contact Lyn Halstead, lyn@ncsoccer.org.

To continue:

  • Fill out your team information on the next page
  • Select form for USYS Sanctioned tournaments
  • After ensuring that your data is correct and complete, hit the Submit button. Make sure the tournament director information, not team rep information is included when entering the tournament information.
  • Choose to pay by credit card or mail in check.
  • If you pay by credit card, make sure that you are using the address on file with credit card company, especially if using a card payment system your club gave you.  Your approval will be granted once NCYSA reviews the request and determines it is a US Youth sanctioned event. Upon approval, your form may be printed by accessing the database . 
  • If you have chosen to pay by check, the NTT is not considered complete until payment is received. Allow extra time.
  • If you are filling out ONLY a Guest Player Roster, no payment is needed and your form will be available for printing.
  • If you chose payment by check in error, please do not create a new application.  Use the link in the email you received after completing the application and make payment by credit card.
  • Once the form is submitted, payment has been received, and NCYSA has reviewed and approved the request, you will receive an email with instructions to print your form to present at your event. Approval is not automatic without review by NCYSA.
Guidelines for Attending NON-SANCTIONED US Youth Soccer (USYS) Competitions

Several years ago the majority of in-state and out-of-state tournaments were sanctioned by USYS. As a member of NCYSA you are also a member of USYS and USSF (United States Soccer Federation).

There are other soccer organizations that are members of the USSF, but are not members of US Youth Soccer.These organizations, AYSO, SAY, USSSA, and US Club, may offer competitions (tournaments or friendly games) that are sanctioned through their organization, but not through US Youth Soccer. These are considered non-USYS tournaments, and applies to both in state or out of state non-sanctioned tournaments. 

A Notification to Travel/Non-USYS Sanctioned applicaition is completed in order to receive the Team Information Page which is used in lieu of NCYSA passes, rosters, or med waivers.

Your team should be aware of the following information when attending a non-USYS sanctioned tournament:

  1. The use of NC Youth Soccer player passes, rosters and medical waivers is prohibited at non-NCYSA/USYS Sanctioned events.
  2. NCYSA Insurance and Liability Coverage applies to NCYSA/USYS sanctioned competitions only so it is not valid for non-USYS sanctioned events.
  3. If attending a non-sanctioned USYS Competition, (in-state or out-of-state) please make sure all players and parents are aware that the NCYSA insurance will not be in effect for this competition.
  4. Contact the hosting organization regarding insurance coverage for their event.
  5. If the non-sanctioned event is out-of-state, then NCYSA cannot approve a USYS Notification to Travel form, nor does the non-sanctioned event have the authority to require this approval since the event is not sanctioned by USYS. The team will receive the Team Information page which is used in lieu of NCYSA passes, rosters, and waivers.

If you have further questions regarding non-sanctioned competitions please contact Lyn Halstead, lyn@ncsoccer.org, at the NCYSA State Office.


Once completed and paid, the application will be reviewed by NCYSA and approved if correct.  Approval is not automatic.  The person completing the form will receive an email with instructions to print the Team Information Page.

There is a $15.00 administrative fee when requesting this information.There are NO refunds for any NTT completed incorrectly.

Notification to Travel for international travel is required if you are playing outside of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.


International Travel applications must be completed with the US Soccer Federation.  A copy of the approval by US Soccer must be submitted to NCYSA prior to team's departure.

From the US Soccer Federation International Travel webpage:

A team that plans to travel internationally to play in a tournament or games teams must complete an online travel sanctioning application.


Applications must be submitted using the online form.  Please do not mail or email your application.


This application consists of the following components, submitted via the online form available here:


1.     Basic information about the team and the planned travel;

2.     Official complete registration form or invitation letter(s) for the tournament/games;

3.     Completed and signed Ted Stevens Act acknowledgement (available for download here);

4.     Verified roster approved by a U.S. Soccer Organization Member; and

5.     Application fee ($200.00) – credit card information collected as the last step of the application form


U.S. Soccer will also require a COVID-19 waiver of liability to be provided for all rostered players and participating coaches.  Upon initial review of your application, U.S. Soccer will provide a separate upload link where completed waivers must be uploaded.  The waiver template is available here.  All waivers must be received before the application can be approved.


U.S. Soccer advises that prior to traveling outside of the U.S., you should check with the U.S. Department of State for travel warnings and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for COVID-19 travel recommendations.


In granting permission to travel, U.S. Soccer is NOT liable for transportation, accommodations, illness, or injury to persons or property sustained in the course of sanctioned travel.


Please submit applications a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the start date of the planned travel.  U.S. Soccer is not required to accept or approve any applications submitted less than thirty (30) days in advance of the event or travel.


Questions about the application process for foreign travel can be directed to hosting-travel@ussoccer.org